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Common Financial Questions about Your Business

You may have lots of questions about your business’s finances. We’re here to provide answers. Reach out to us and we’ll start the discussion.

1. How do I reduce the possibility of fraud or embezzlement?
2. Why are sales increasing, but cash is decreasing?
3. At what sales level do I break even?
4. What does it cost to make a sale?
5. What is my gross margin?
6. How do I estimate costs for proposals?
7. What is my cost structure and how does it relate to pricing decisions?
8. What is the right amount of inventory?
9. What is my cash cycle and how do I manage it?
10. Should I lease or buy equipment?
11. What are my funding requirements in six months?
12. Should I hire or lease employees?
13. Among alternative solutions to a problem, which is the best solution?
14. Is a specific investment a good financial decision?
15. How do I convert a business plan into a budget or financial forecast?
16. How do I measure financial and non-financial performance?
17. What is my cash position in three months?
18. How does productivity reduce costs and how do I keep my business productive?