About Us

The Right Answer for Your Business

At TRA Accounting, our mission is to provide small businesses and small nonprofit organizations with affordable, professionally managed accounting and finance services that contribute to the organization’s success.

Our suite of services consist of:

  • Controller services
  • Managerial accounting and finance
  • Recording financial transactions

We can:

  • Make tax time less painful
  • Establish proper financial controls
  • Interact and coordinate with other financial professionals, bankers, creditors, tax authorities, and preparers
  • Keep you current on the financial health of your business
  • Provide you with easy to understand financial schedules, customized to your business
  • Assist with collecting money
  • Manage cash and working capital
  • Prepare business plans and budgets
  • Eliminate financial surprises
  • And more

Because we cater to small businesses, we know that one size does not fit all. You decide how we can help you: from recording transactions, to budgets, to performance dashboards – it’s up to you. Whether you simply want assistance with your daily bookkeeping or you’re looking to address all levels of your business’s accounting and finance functions, we offer a customer-focused approach that delivers results.

Give us a call today! Together, we’ll craft a plan for your success.

“One of the best things the Board ever did was obtain TRA for professionally managed accounting services.”